david roze was born in west berlin germany in 1972 and he lives and work in germany and is an artist.

david roze describes himself as a universal artist.

david roze started his career in 1987 as a graffiti artist on the berlin wall and was a member of several artists’ groups such as AC (art creators) and TCF (the city famous). over time this led to collaborations with other graffiti pioneers in berlin. after having participated in hip hop jams/festivals there followed numerous commissions for work on canvas, designs for shop interiors, as well as contracts for mitsubishi, sparkasse, tommy hilfiger and other small business units. in 1999 david roze won 3rd place in the BMW automobile art competition, exhibited in the premises of akbank in cologne. the award was endowed with price money of DM 15,000.

in 2002/3 david roze’a appreciation of art meant that he began collecting sport shoes (sneakers), having realised their importance in his cultural environment. some brands had started working together with international artists, arousing considerable interest among lovers of sneakers. the shoes took on an artistic value of their own. in april 2006 david roze’s sneaker collection was photographed by the fashion magazine BBBULLETIN (BREAD & BUTTER) at the same time part of the collection was exhibited at 2006 BREAD & BUTTER fashion show in berlin. at that time the entire collection had an estimated value of USD 40,000 fixed on shoe models that were not intended for the germany market so as to limitations.

among other things, he managed the website IDLSTUFF than 8 years this year 2014 it is off.

parallel to this, new works and sculptures emerged from the hands of david roze, such as the 2005 NIKE SWOOSH table, the SWASTIKA TABLE designed in 2010 with other swastika work from 2010 and the 2011 sculpture, HEART & ARROW, which were shown at the BLK RIVER FESTIVAL  2011 (karlsplatz wien) and at PREVIEW 2012 (berlin). In 2012 david roze built the prototype of an IGLO IGLOO from boxes made by the company IGLO. a further highlight is his model SMARTIE CAR – a smart car, filled to the roof with smarties.

at the beginning of 2013 the MAYA TABLET was created, following speculations made by the maya people that the end of the world was nigh. furthermore, in the years since 2011 he begins a DOT WORK series of paintings with the spraycan popular by its own style.

2014 developed david roze a visual "FACEBOOK FUCK" loge as a visual image of the's well-known "TATORT" serie in germany "ARTORT" and continues to work david roze on the "DOT WORK" serie "DISCO" "LAGOON" and created this free website small and easy.

david roze at the same time working with ANDRE M. WYST on the book: 

"BERLIN WALL GRAFFITI PIONEERS" of 1985-1995 with very rare material from the early berlin artists.






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